Wagashi Art 

By Yuri Lee

What is Wagashi?

As the name itself suggests in Japanese, wagashi are Japanese sweets and the word is now a universal term for Japanese confectionery made from sweet bean paste. 

Among the various kinds of wagashi, the type known as neri-kiri were considered to be 'high class'; the perfect accompaniment to the bitter green matcha tea served in a traditional tea ceremony.

In modern Japan, neri-kiri and other wagashi are as popular as ever, with people creating their own designs and the popularity of self-expression and wagashi art is skyrocketing.

There are many good things about neri-kiri wagashi: they contain no fat, thus are healthy, are suitable for a vegan diet and of course, they have beautiful designs.


This beauty tugs at our heart strings and even though they are small, wagashi also show us the beauty of the changing seasons; cherry blossoms and fresh green in spring, cool clear streams and fireworks in summer, autumn leaves and moon viewing in the fall and snowy scenery and camellia flowers in winter.